Midwest Straight Edge

by Inclination

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released June 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Inclination Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: No Exit
Love it or leave it I know I fuckin need it

They come in waves some stick but most waste away
The most extreme are the first to make their escape
This isn't some brief thing to me
it's a decade of putting an x on my name
This has seen me through my best and worst days
so I still hold this fucking claim

I'm still fucking straight edge

No escape
no exit
this will see me to my last breath
Track Name: In With The New
It's not about time spent
It's about giving more than you get
If you feel that hunger
then you must fucking belong here

I'm not saying out with the old but certainly in with the new
I've had enough of where where you then?
I don't give a shit about collecting dues

It's not about how long you've been straight edge it's about whether or not you still feel that itch.
You feel that pull in your chest dragging you deeper into this.
Track Name: Culture Of Corruption
There are undeniable truths I have learned in my stead
first and foremost you cannot trust a cokehead

The mind of an addict is a single track
all in the pursuit to score some smack

I've lost too many people to bottles and pills or a fucking needle
too many friends choosing a life chained to a substance

I live in a culture of corruption driven by hell bent self medication
No one stopping to ask the question "what's the endgame to this decision?"
everyone thinks they've got control til an overdose brings their fucking fall
Track Name: An X Of My Own
do not hold onto the x for anyone else but yourself
if you can't find your own reasons then this isn't something you believe in

this isn't a placeholder to fit in somewhere til you get older
this is active opposition to a world full of addiction

if your conviction is only as strong as the person who made you feel you belong
then you weren't up for the dedication I happily accept your resignation

this isn't a placeholder to fit in somewhere til you get older
this is active opposition to a world full of addiction

you claimed the same way you broke laughing it off like it's all a joke
breaking or claiming under another's influence is about as weak as it gets

you lacked the fucking discipline
another piece of shit with no conviction

I remain straight edge your break and claim meant exactly the same
Track Name: All I Need
No matter where I am I know exactly who I am
My identity is sobriety this is just what makes me me

I know I've changed a little here and there
But my head has and will remain clear

This has always meant nothing less than permanent
No one has been able to change that
It's an inalienable fact

Its always been plain to see that this was my destiny
This is where I found strength when I was torn down

An unstoppable force
Lifting my soul more and more
A fire inside my mind
Responsible for my drive

I stand by this like a tree and I dare anybody to try and move me
This is all I need to get by

There is no changing my mind
This is all I need to get by
My conviction to the x holds
Even when I'm all alone